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Ghost Tours

Charleston’s Spooky Side Awaits.

The Dark Side of the City

If you love all things ghosts and horrors, you’re in for a real treat in Charleston. As a city with a tumultuous past, it’s no surprise that many locals consider Charleston to be haunted.

You’ll have to see for yourself on a haunted ghost tour. From cemeteries and jails to haunted houses and speakeasies, the dark side of the city is just waiting to reveal itself to you.


The Best Ghost Tours in Charleston

Experience the most riveting and chilling tales of Charleston on a walk through the city’s historic district. From dueling pirates to colonial patriots and angry inmates, you never know what spirits will reveal themselves to you during your ghost tour adventure. Get ready to visit the city’s top haunted locations like the Provost Dungeon, City Market, and the Magnolia Cemetery. Hear tales of slavery, sordid affairs, murder, bootlegging, brothels, and other thrilling subject matter.

Beyond the spooky stories and sinister dwellings, Charleston ghost and dungeon tours also give you a cool opportunity to learn the history of the city in a different way. There’s the Old City Jail that housed America’s first serial killer, the Provost Dungeon that imprisoned Revolutionary War soldiers, and the Powder Magazine, haunted by the ghost of a female pirate. History and hauntings combine to give you an amazing Charleston ghost and graveyard tour experience…if you think you can handle it!

Typically these ghost tours are best for adults, but if you have any kinds that are into spooky sites, consider booking the family-friendly Charleston ghost tour!

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