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Combat Archery

Charleston’s Coolest Activity

Unleash Your Competitive Side

Looking for a fun team-building event or activity with a group of friends? Combat archery is a must-try activity, and Charleston is an ideal location for outdoor fun. Imagine playing dodgeball and other games like capture the flag with foam-tipped arrows!

This fun sport is great for all ages and events like birthday parties. Unleash your competitive side and practice your aim with a game of combat archery in Charleston.


Play Combat Archery in Charleston

Whether you’re an archery enthusiast or new to the sport, combat archery is a fun twist on a classic activity that makes for an excellent group game in Charleston. First, learn how to shoot a bow and arrow and unleash your inner Katniss Everdeen as you aim to hit the target. After you feel like you’re an archery pro – or at least working toward that goal! – the games will begin. Combat archery is like dodgeball but you get to use soft, foam-tipped arrows instead of balls. Aim for your opponent and support your team as you run around the course shooting arrows high into the sky.

There are a variety of games available during your Charleston combat archery experience. From the classic capture the flag to games of dodge dart, Protect the President, and Infinity Wars, you’re in for a great time. Combat archery is the perfect addition to a team building day, family reunion, or happy hour celebration with friends.

Ready to have some fun? Reserve your Charleston combat archery session online.

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